Parent and Baby Group

Parent & Baby Group

Mother with baby.We know the uncertainty of becoming a parent doesn’t end once your baby is born.

Our parent and baby program is here to answer your questions and help you give your baby a healthy start that continues through their childhood.

Each group, we welcome parents with babies aged 0-1 year to join us for conversation and activities that promote healthy choices and positive parenting.

We talk about topics like feeding your baby, how you can expect your baby to develop, health and safety and strategies for raising a happy, healthy kid. Parents receive support from dietitians, outreach workers and public health nurses and also enjoy talking to other parents in a similar stage of life.

Parents and babies have fun singing and playing together and we end each group by preparing and sharing a healthy snack. We also provide participants with recipes, the chance to purchase a $1.50 meal bag and coupons for free food coupons (until baby is 6 months old)

The best part? We make getting – and staying – here easy.

Parents with older kids (ages 1-5) are welcome to bring them along to be entertained by our caring, responsible child-minding volunteers. We also give bus tickets to those who are eligible.

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