Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy Program

Expecting a baby?
Welcome to our pregnancy drop-in sessions

Our educational & friendly drop-in sessions for pregnant women & teens take place at various locations once every two weeks. They offer:

  • information and answers to questions about:
    • pregnancy and labour
    • weight gain
    • eating during pregnancy
    • discomforts during pregnancy
    • alcohol, drugs, stress
    • breastfeeding
    • and many other topics
  • delicious, healthy snacks & cooking tips
  • up-to-date nutrition information
  • easy & healthy recipes
  • option to talk to outreach workers, nurses and dietitians one-on-one
  • support with other concerns such as health, family, housing etc.
  • connections to other community resources
  • coupons for milk, (and other items as possible)
  • childminding for preschoolers
  • bus tickets to get to drop-in, if you don’t live within walking distance

Contact Us to find out the date and time of the drop-in nearest you.

Newcomer to Canada? Download informational PDF here.

Healthy Start’s pregnancy program is funded by the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program – Public Health Agency of Canada